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Reducer Gear Classification And Description

Posted by Admin | 11 Nov

  Reducer Gear with Parallel Shaft

  (1) Rack: The straight-line gear that meshes with the spur gear can be said to be a special case when the pitch of the gear becomes infinite in size.

  (2) Helical gears: cylindrical gears with ribs formed into a helicoid.

  (3) Double helical gear: a helical gear formed by left and right helical ribs.

  (4) Spur gears (spur gears): straight cylindrical gears with rib parallel to the axis.

  Reducer Gear (bevel gear) of orthogonal axis

  (1) Curved bevel gear: The rib is a bevel gear with a curved line of helix angle.

  (2) Straight-toothed bevel gear: a bevel gear with the same generatrix (straight line) between the rib and the pitch cone.

  (3) Zero-helix curved bevel gear: curved bevel gear with zero helix angle. Worm reducer

  Reducer Gear with Staggered Shaft (Worm Gear and Worm)

  (1) Staggered helical gear: This is a cylindrical helical gear, which is called when the transmission between the staggered shafts (also known as skew shafts) is used.

  (2) Cylindrical worm gear: Cylindrical worm gear is the general term for worm and gear.

  (3) Other special gears:

  Face gear: It is a disc-shaped face gear that can mesh with a spur gear or helical gear.

  Drum-shaped worm gear: The general term for the concave drum-shaped worm and the gear that meshes with it.

  Halberd Gear: A conical gear that conveys a staggering axis. Shaped like a curved bevel gear.

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