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Introduction To Engine Gears

Posted by Admin | 28 Oct

  The timing of the engine usually adopts two devices, the gear wheel, and the sprocket. Although these two devices are different, they can make the crankshaft and the camshaft rotate evenly in synchronization. The transmission of gears and sprockets is that the driving wheel rotates twice, and the driven wheel rotates once, and there is no room for sliding.

  The gears mounted on the crankshaft are called crankshaft gears, and the gears mounted on the camshaft are called timing gears (eccentric shaft gears). These two gears are collectively called timing gears. The crankshaft turns 720 due to the needs of the four-stroke engine. Complete - one working cycle, at this time the camshaft only needs to turn 360 to fit.

  The crankshaft gear and the camshaft gear rotate in opposite directions. The crankshaft sprocket drags the cam sprocket through the chain, and they rotate in the same direction. However, the cam clock can work with the engine in both directions of rotation, but the rotation sequence of the intake and exhaust cams in the forward and reverse rotations is different.

  The chain-type timing transmission has certain advantages, and the abnormal noise is small when it is transmitted. However, its economy is not as good as timing gear, its reliability is also poor, and its load is not high. It is generally used in small engines. In short, which kind of timing device is used depends on the model and the distance between the two pumping centers, not on the gas distribution.

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